The Road Back Home

“Amira’s honesty and vulnerability are on full display, inviting us to put down our guard. Not Love challenges us to set aside our often sedimented and rigid ideas of what love is and isn’t. It reminds us that discovering love is less about the destination and more about the journey.”

Dr. Fahamu Pecou, Artist and Scholar


Amira Sabree

Amira Sabree began writing five years ago, inspired by the New York Times column Modern Love. She grew up in New Jersey and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Spelman College. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Biology, she pursued and obtained a Master’s in Biomedical Research from Morehouse School of Medicine. She currently works for a nonprofit organization as the Executive Director. Not Love is her first published body of work.



We all want to be loved, to be chosen, and to be accepted. We all want connection. But sometimes, if we are not careful, our desire to be chosen can affect our ability to see clearly what is right in front of us.

In Not Love, the reader is drawn in by the open and honest heartfelt journey of a woman in search of love. A woman who loses her voice and loses herself, hoping each inch of self-sacrifice will get her closer to being chosen. A woman who leans into a fairy tale only to discover that all that glitters isn’t gold. A woman with hopes that years of chance encounters will somehow evolve into something lasting when fate aligns for them to meet once again.

Each essay and poem lets the reader in on another secret to her drive, where she gets the courage to continue trying time and time again, and the effect these encounters have on her evolution. In the last essay, Amira shares lessons learned and the unexpected journey back to herself. Her epiphanies will serve as both a guide and comfort to the experienced and inexperienced in love.

Not Love is a journey to and through the pursuit of love, told with transparency and vulnerability. Amira’s honest retelling of her experiences and shared musings around her exploration of love invite readers to self-reflect on their own.”

Chloe Louvouezo, Author of Life, I Swear: Intimate Stories from Black Women on Identity, Healing, and Self-Trust